WEBWall End BracketSupports front shelf rail ends at wall abutments
BCBack ClipSupports rear shelf rail where attached to wall if modified, supports rear shelf rail of shoe rack
ECEnd CapConceals the cut ends of shelf rails
GRECGarment Rail End Cap Conceals the cut ends of garment rails
GRHGarment Rail HangersConnects garment rail to front shelf rail
KSBKwik Shelf Bracket Hardwood self-leveling shelf support
KEBKwik End BracketHardwood shelf rail support at wall
KCSKwik Corner SupportHardwood support for back shelf rail at corners

Recommended Supplies for Professional Installers

1. Modified wire shelving installation template (See Modification Instructions)
2. Battery powered handheld screw guns (2): 1. drill holes 2. driving screws
3. 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4” drill bits
4. #2 Phillips-type bits with magnetic driver (#2 Square-type optional)
5. Extra rechargeable battery for each screw gun
6. 25’ long steel tape measure
7. Carpenter’s levels (2): 2’ long and 4’ long (a Torpedo level is nice too)
8. #2 pencil
9. Compound miter saw with high-quality carbide-tipped saw blade
10. Extra carbide-tipped blade
11. A circular saw may also be used with success
12. Magnetic stud finder
13. Tin snips-for clipping plastic hardware when necessary
14. Color wood putty to remedy scuffs, scratches, etc.
15. Hot glue gun with glue sticks to secure loose-fitting end caps to rail ends

Recommended Screws

SCREW SIZE & LENGTHTYPEATTACHMENT (assumes 1/2” thick drywall)
#8×3” Pan Head BC to wood studs when BC are more than
16” apart
#8×2” Pan HeadBC to wood studs when BC are spaced 16”
or less apart. Shelf support and/or shoe
support to wood studs. WEB to wood
#8×1-1/4”Pan or Bugle Head Support pole to shelf rail